The medical profession would probably turn their noses up at inclusion of these as something to try for anyone feeling suicidal. But the fact is some people reading this will have already tried therapy and/or anti-depressants, and still be ready to kill themselves. Alternatively, they may be seeking something that can have an immediate impact on how they feel.

My experience of personal development courses has been good. Some had a lifelong impact. Others might have given me a short term boost. But even if the effect is short-lived, that might be enough to lift you out your current malaise and enable you to start living a happier life.

The list below is by no means a comprehensive list of all personal development courses. There are probably hundreds. However, I have listed a number of the courses I have heard about. The Hoffman Process and Tony Robbins are probably two of the best known, and both have excellent reputations. They are also accessible in a number of countries. The Hoffman process in particular has had a number of research studies on it, showing very positive results.

Bear in mind that whatever money you currently have would do you no good if you kill yourself, so sometimes it is worth considering what might be a high cost of a course if it has a long term positive impact on your ability to live a happy life.