This site does not provide its own chat forum, as the site’s principal objective is purely to provide information on the subject of suicide. We have linked to two different chat forums in the past, and have had very mixed feedback. In some cases people have said these forums are not supportive.

We are now linking to a forum called the Suicide Forum. It is a pro-life peer to peer support forum for people in crisis. They do not provide or share methods on suicide.

Another chat room we have received mixed reviews on is Depression Understood which offers chat, forum and blogs for people suffering from depression. The chat room is open (and moderated) twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The intention of this depression chat room is to primarily provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in which to talk to others about depression, anxiety and other related health concerns.

Please note that chat rooms are not intended for people in immediate danger of harming themselves. These people should contact a friend, family member, counsellor, helpline (see Links), doctor or local hospital for immediate help.

We would welcome any feedback via our contact form from people who use any of these chat rooms.