A lot has been written about suicide by drug poisoning. One of the principle reasons this website was created was to increase awareness of what suicide entailed. There was genuine concern at the damage many people caused themselves, physically as well as emotionally, by attempting suicide and failing, especially by using drugs.

For the terminally ill, euthanasia is a very serious business, that should be thoroughly researched, and carried out to achieve death with certainty, painlessly, and with dignity. Organisations like those listed in the section Euthanasia & assisted suicide are there to help people in this category achieve those goals.

Those that are not terminally ill, and feel compelled to end their lives, would seem to fall into a two categories. Those that are determined to end their lives, and are not worried about the discomfort or implications of achieving that goal. These people tend to choose more certain methods of suicide like firearms, hanging or jumping.

In the other category are often people looking for a way to end their lives painlessly and peacefully. Those will be the people reading the section on drugs, in the hope they can slip from this world without pain; peacefully. After reading this section of the website, they may well be realising that most drugs are neither painless or peaceful.

These people would do well to consider that if they have a fear about dying (i.e. not wanting it to be painful), then that might also be a reason why suicide is not the answer to their problems. People who are thinking that their life is so miserable and hopeless, that the pain of living is too much to go on, that there is nothing left to live for. These people may be weighing up the pain of life, against the pain of death, thinking death will be less painful if done correctly.

But if a more reliable method of suicide, that requires overcoming much greater fear, like firearms, hanging or jumping, is not attractive, then maybe the objective being sought is to reduce the pain being experienced in life. And maybe attempting suicide is not the best, or the only, way of achieving that. Read more in Help me.