Many people go through life struggling with finding a meaning for their life, and I think that is especially true for people contemplating suicide. By supporting a charity or a community project, you have a real chance to make a difference to other people, or the planet we live on. And having a purpose to life that is outside of yourself can be very powerful.

It could be something small like joining a fund raising committee for your favourite charity. Or maybe mentoring ex-homeless people who are trying to get back on their feet. Or maybe joining the Samaritans to help people who are thinking about ending their lives, as who better to understand that than someone who has been through it themselves? Or perhaps it is about donating money to a project in Africa to provide clean drinking water to a community. Some people go abroad and donate their time to good causes.

There are an endless number of ways to help others in need, using your time, money, or both. It is a chance to make a real difference, and perhaps get involved in a group where you will meet new friends and feel less isolated.

A simple web search will probably find you information about any given charity. Or the following are directories that may help in the US and UK. Get in touch and see if there are any ways you can help: