For those that discover the body of someone attempting a firearm suicide, the vision may well be traumatic. A shot to the head that has an exit hole is likely to spread blood and brain/bone fragments over a wide space. Depending on where the gun is aimed, it is also possible that bloody facial disfigurement occurs. Even a bullet not existing the head will result in blood coming out of the entry hole.

Shots to the chest or abdomen are even more likely to cause significant bleeding, with the likelihood of finding the body, possibly still alive, in a very bloody state.

For those concerned that those discovering them will see a serene corpse and not be haunted by a vision of a violent, bloody death, this is unlikely to be the method to choose. Previously quoted studies (see under Reliability) would suggest that using this method tends to be more impulsive, so it would seem that those selecting firearms as a suicide method will not be thinking too much of the trauma caused to those discovering them.