Data from various studies (see their websites) confirms the long-term, positive impact of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process (HQP). It has a lot of very good press, and typically has attendees that have previously tried other forms of therapy.

The Hoffman Process is an 8 day residential programme to resolve issues around self-esteem, relationships and other core life issues. Established in 13 countries for over 35 years, the process has been found highly effective in various scientific studies as both an educational and healing programme.

The Process is conducted at a scenic retreat site where each participant’s needs are taken care of, ensuring that they can focus on their personal growth and learning.

With one teacher for every six to nine students, the Hoffman teaching team provides participants with the kind of individualised attention that inspires powerful personal change. By studying a very thorough questionnaire that participants complete prior to arrival, the teaching staff are able to begin an in-depth understanding of their requirements even before meeting them.

The Process brings into awareness the counterproductive beliefs, perceptions and emotional needs that have been adopted from parents and others who shaped our early life experiences. These distortions of reality – the result of The Negative Love Syndrome – block our capacity to be fully present and open to life’s opportunities. The HQP provides the possibility and tools people need to finally let go of what is not working and to then move naturally into being the primary creative force in all aspects of their life.

The Process is conducted with integrity, loving concern and respect for the dignity of each participant. Step-by-step, they develop confidence and certainty that is working for them.

The Hoffman methodology of “infused teaching” addresses all dimensions of a person’s being: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. They call the integration of these four aspects of self the “Quadrinity.” It is precisely this integration of our whole self that creates powerful forward motion and establishes the framework for being a more loving, mature, creative and balanced person.

The Hoffman Institute do run introductory evenings where you can go along, find out more about the process, and speak to people who have done it. An 8 day residential course is not cheap though, so you may want to check this is within your price range.

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