BC is a 5 day non-residential course based in Bedfordshire UK, run by Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory. The idea of the course is for participants to get to know themselves better, and identify the “script” that has been created in their lives. The script is the sum total of a person’s life experience, that guides all their future behaviours – often not to their own good.

The course aims to look at ways of going beyond the script, and thereby create “more energy, happiness and more of everything that’s good, plus less of everything that’s bad”.

The courses run once a month. There are introductory days once a quarter, where people who have participated on the course recently, and from months/years ago, speak of their experience on the course, and where people thinking about doing it can ask questions and understand more about the concept of BC. More information on www.theministryofinspiration.com.